Drive Cost and Delays Out of The High-Tech Industry With Upfront DFM

Driving costs out of the manufacturing process is on the top of every company’s agenda in High-tech industry. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who design and market high-tech products like computer equipment, networking and telecommunication equipment, medical devices, consumer electronics etc. are continually working towards becoming more cost-efficient to remain profitable as global competition and new innovations are driving prices down steeply.

Thin margins and high competition means there is little room for production delays and inefficiencies within the supply chain. Any kind of rework, quality issues, or inefficiencies in design and manufacturing can further increase the cost of production and impact OEM’s profitability.

Best-in-Class companies have realized that before executing strategies that deal with supply chain complexity outside their companies, they must focus on problems that lies within.

Major causes of production delays and cost overruns are due to late changes in design that occur because of manufacturability issues at supplier side. Issues related to producibility, standardization, assembly are frequently reported late either during design reviews or when designs are sent to suppliers for manufacturing

These changes or rework could have been avoided with upfront Design for Manufacturability analysis at the early design stage. With design teams based at primary company locations and manufacturing units and suppliers spread across the globe, Design for manufacturability (DFM), Design for Assembly (DFA) analysis in the early product lifecycle is crucial to achieve the organizations goals of bringing cost efficient, innovative products to market faster.

Key Takeaways from Webinar:

  • Attend the webinar to learn how DFMPro- a design for manufacturability solution can help you improve the bottom line and production delays by eliminating late engineering changes coming from the supply chain
  • Case Study – Leading Hi-Tech Equipment Manufacturer could achieve estimated annual part cost savings of over $5M with upfront DFM

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