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DFMPro Customization – DFM Rules for Design

DFMPro Customization provides a framework to knowledge capture and re-use your manufacturability expertise in the form of DFM rules for design. Your existing set of manufacturability requirements can be laid down as a set of DFM rules for design and will be validated against these set of rules for manufacturability. Using DFMPro Customization, organizations have the capability to automate in-house DFM practices into their overall standard manufacturing processes.


  • Sophisticated framework for user programmable design checks of DFMPro
  • Implementation of custom design checks based on established manufacturing practices and standard operating procedures
  • Seamless design automation within the organization’s working environment

Customization is possible for manufacturability rules involving conditional relationship between

  • Geometrical features and their parametric values
  • Output of any design analysis (external tool)
  • Properties and attributes (within or outside the design tool)

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DFMPro Customization
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