Analyst Reports

Analyst Reports


CIMdata Commentary on DFX INSIGHTS 2019 Event

CIMdata attended HCL’s DFMPro annual users meeting, DFX Insights’19, in Detroit on April 16, 2019. The one-day event was focused on HCL’s DFMPro software solution created to help designers check their product designs for manufacturability and assembly, allowing problems to be found and corrected early in the product design process. DFMPro offers a suite of rules-based checks to identify product areas that are difficult, expensive or impossible to manufacture and a framework for users to add their own. The event was positioned for users to share best practices and foster a deeper understanding of the Design for Excellence (DFX) approach which leads to business success. Attendees from automotive, medical devices, industrial machinery, and consumer products were on hand to proactively participate and discuss the benefits they have obtained from the DFMPro toolset and to learn from HCL the future enhancements planned for the solution.

CIMdata Commentary on DFX INSIGHTS 2018 Event

CIMdata attended the DFMPro annual user meeting, DFX Insights ’18, in downtown Detroit at the Renaissance Center. The one-day event was focused on the DFMPro application, one of several products from HCL. The event is billed as one “that connects industry leading product design experts, technologists, and thought leaders.” Attendees from automotive, A&D,construction equipment, high-tech electronics, and leading companies from other industries gathered to discuss their experiences and learn.

CIMdata Commentary on Design with Confidence

The pressures on manufacturers are relentless. Customers expect innovative products at lower cost and higher quality. Getting the design right at the beginning is key to meeting product cost, quality, and time to market objectives. Changes or rework due to manufacturing issues are expensive because of investments in time and/or materials and impacts being discovered after most of the investment has been made .CIMdata believes that incorporating a DFX strategy within design organizations can help companies produce better, more profitable products.

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