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Manufacturing Processes

Design for Manufacturing Guidelines

Successful product design must consider the manufacturing processes and guidelines to be used to build the product. Adhering to specific process design for manufacturing guidelines can help designers to reduce the cost and complexity of manufacturing a product and achieve significant reductions in design rework and iterations.

DFMPro software solutions assists designer engineers to apply design for manufacturing guidelines on commonly used manufacturing processes like machining, injection molding, casting, sheet metal fabrication and assembly in form of rules/checks right inside the CAD environment. Using DFMPro design for manufacturing guidelines, designers can ensure that their designs meet the internal manufacturing process specific capabilities or supplier specific capabilities.

DFMPro comes prepackaged with hundreds of design rules which are derived from various handbooks, expert knowledge, and industry best practices.

Rules are highly customizable and can be modified as per organization specific design for manufacturing guidelines and best practices. View DFMPro Customization Video

Here we provide some sample Design for Manufacturing (DFM) guidelines for commonly used manufacturing processes.

Design for Manufacturing Guidelines - MachiningDesign for Manufacturing Guidelines - CastingDesign for Manufacturing Guidelines Sheet Metal Design for Manufacturing Guidelines Injection Molding Design for Manufacturing Guidelines- Assembly
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