Powerful Design For Manufacturing Software

Fully Integrated within Siemens NX

DFMPro- DFM Software for NX

An Engineering Change Order, (ECO) can cost an organization an average of $6,000 per ECO. Experience DFMPro for NX, an easy to use integrated solution that can identify potential downstream manufacturing issues when product costs have increased exponentially.

DFMPro for NX™, a best practice driven design for manufacturing software integrated within NX™, help design engineers to identify and evaluate their designs for downstream manufacturability, assembly, quality, serviceability, (DFx) related issues upfront and reduce unnecessary rework and engineering changes. It uses the existing, familiar and proven NX Check-Mate framework, and provides an HD3D interface for problem navigation and tagging. It facilitates out-of-the-box validation for manufacturing process like plastic injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, machining, casting, assembly and more

DFMPro For NX Overview

Fully-Integrated DFM Software directly inside of Siemens NX Interface

DFMPro for NX allows you to

  • Pre-empt and address costly design mistakes causing downstream issues in manufacturing and assembly early in the design process
  • Automate and formalize the design review process for manufacturability using best-practice knowledge and guidelines provided by DFMPro
  • Perform manufacturability analysis for common manufacturing processes like plastic injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, machining (turning, milling & drilling), casting and assembly operations within NX interface

DFMPro Benefits

  • Leads to overall cost reduction
  • Captures mistakes early in the design stage
  • Ensures past mistakes are not repeated, especially by new design engineers
  • Leverages experience of experts
  • Decreases overall cycle time
  • Facilitates on-the-job training of design engineers


From large to mid enterprises, across a wide range of industry verticals

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