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3 ways to reduce engineering rework

To truly reduce engineering rework, a smart automated DFM tool should be implemented. Tools like DFMPro can easily automate the design for manufacturing guidelines within your CAD software and automatically review designs for downstream manufacturability, supplier capability, assembly, cost, quality etc. Designers can quickly ensure whether their designs can be easily manufactured, who is the best supplier to manufacture it, and whether if any design feature will increase the cost significantly.

Three product cost reduction tips for design engineers

“We have to launch a new variant in next 1 year and sales team has set us a target of 10% less cost than competition and ensure that there is performance improvement” this is a pretty common statement we hear in NPD briefing meetings. Because of either competitive nature of the business or as customer pressure, it is not new that that product cost reduction is one of the most discussed initiative in the organization.

DFMPro for Thermoforming Process

Plastic provides versatility and strength across a wide range of applications. In the last few blogs, we have covered plastic part design guidelines. In this article, we will cover thermoforming part design guidelines. We all are aware; the thermoforming is most suitable for shallow-shaped parts where the heated plastic sheet is formed over male or …

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DFX Analytics- DFM Data-Driven Approach

Striving to succeed in the competitive market of this day and age, organizations explore every prospect which spell winning. What used to be mere rough numbers have soon transpired into specifics-who, what, when, and how many now clearly lead to decisive conclusions! A technology/ tool which captures this very integral detail can only be deemed …

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