Get Early Visibility into Product Cost

Industry Challenges:

  • Manufacturers are facing constant pressure of consistently innovating new products and remaining cost competitive at the same time
  • OEMs are focusing on removing inefficiencies and costs from all stages of the product life-cycle to improve profitability and shrinking operating margins
  • Design engineers do not have softwares/tools available with them which can provide early visibility to manufacturing and cost consequences for their design decisions
  • Downstream manufacturing changes or cost issues are very expensive to handle
  • 70% cost reduction opportunities are in design phase
DFMPro for Creo Parametric Cost Add-on

Emerging trend in industry is to reduce product cost at design stage

  • 70% of the product cost is determined at the design stage and optimized designs have better impact on reducing overall product cost
  • Identifying optimum design alternatives at early stage helps to reduce cost of the product
  • Capturing best practices from previous cost estimates and historical designs and using them in early design validation can help create cost effective designs

Design to cost and design for manufacturability solution

DFMPro Cost:

DFMPro cost add-on provides early cost visibility to design engineers right from when designs are getting created.

Key features:

  • Integrated inside CAD system
    • No switching between applications – Click of a button get quick feedback for manufacturing cost
    • Read 3D CAD data with Geometry & PMI information (Tolerances) and use it for cost estimation
    • Highlight features like holes, pockets, ribs, bosses etc and quickly identify geometric cost drivers directly on 3D model

Note: Currently, DFMPro Cost Addon is available on PTC Creo and Siemens NX only.

  • Helps to focus on cost reduction
    • Breakup of material cost and process cost – avoid over processing of material & maintain ‘buy to fly’ ratio
    • Understand cost impact of manufacturability issues and take corrective action immediately
    • Evaluate design alternatives like materials, geometry features and manufacturing processes
  • Easy to configure & deploy
    • Configure material rates, work center rates and labor rates quickly
    • Cost modeler :  Create and edit own cost model as per your organization requirements
    • Create custom Cost templates based on department or teams
    • Uses commonly used  MSSQL database
  • Track and target cost during easy stages of design
    • Configure target cost for key components and provide feedback to design team for cost escalation
    • Cost trend indicator shows impact of design change for directional costing
    • Generate and check in reports in PLM system to keep track of cost across lifecycle



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