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Design for Manufacturability Rules Every Designer should follow  

Design for Manufacturing is critical for improving the efficiency of new product introduction.

According to Aberdeen Research, Best-in-Class companies use Design for manufacturability (DFM) technology 50% more frequently than average companies – and use it in all aspects of product development particularly during the initial design phase.

Early consideration of manufacturability issues shortens product development time, minimizes development cost, and ensures a smooth transition into production with minimal rework.

Join the webinar to learn some important design for manufacturing guidelines for designing sheet metal parts and see how you can easily automate and configure the DFM review process in your organization so that you don’t a miss a single design guideline while designing your product.

In this webinar, You will learn about:

  • Important Design for manufacturability (DFM) guidelines for sheet metal parts
  • Tips to automate the DFM review process with DFMPro
  • How a leading medical equipment company was able to reduce design review time by 70% using DFMPro

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