Webinar on Design for Excellence (DFX)

Reduce costly design mistakes through an automated approach to DFx

Suboptimal design and manufacturing engineering decisions lead to expensive and time consuming design changes, rework, scrap, and warranty costs. Various research studies show that many of these mistakes are caused by absence of a mechanism for the design engineers to recognize downstream issues early in the design cycle.

So, how can companies ensure that downstream knowledge is captured and made available to designers in their design environment?

Join us as industry veteran, Joe Barkai discusses how this waste can be reduced and its resulting economic benefits, in this exclusive webinar. During the session, we will also present Geometric’s DFX solution, a practical framework to avoid potential defects early during the design stage, along with examples of how it is helping global manufacturers in improving time to market.

 Date: Thursday, September 5, 2013 Time: 2:00 PM EDT

Presented By:

Mr. Joe Barkai,
Product & Market Strategist

 About the Speaker: Joe Barkai is a senior executive with extensive experience in business development, marketing, and product management in a broad range of industries and business functions. Mr. Barkai is a thought leader with strong focus on the business value of technology in manufacturing area.



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