Paperless Manufacturing Engineering and Manufacturing “on the same page at the same time”

Paperless Manufacturing
Engineering and Manufacturing “on the same page at the same time”
Webinar hosted by Geometric Ltd. & Anark Corp.

Competition is driving your product’s cost, quality and time-to-market, which in turn is driving the manufacturing technologies and processes that you employ.

As new manufacturing technologies and 3D Model Based processes emerge, enterprises are seeing less value in continuing to support old, inefficient paper-based processes. Traditional paper-based documents, such as 2D static work instructions and 2D static drawings printed and distributed to the shop floor are becoming obsolete.

Today’s global manufacturing environment demands a dynamic collaborative process where product data can flow seamlessly between design and manufacturing organizations. This ensures that manufacturing documents such as operation instruction sheets, assembly work instructions, machining work instructions etc. are always-in-sync with engineering releases delivering up-to-date process data to shop floor personnel.

The time and cost wasted in the manual iterative process of updating manufacturing documents is driving leading manufacturers to transition away from paper-based process documents to next generation, interactive, 3D Model Based manufacturing documents.

Paperless manufacturers have fewer production delays, less scrap and rework, more consistent product quality and quicker time to market.

In this webinar you will learn

  • How companies can save time and money by eliminate the use of 2D drawings and paper based processes in manufacturing
  • Solutions that help make the transition from traditional paper-based shop floor environment into a digital 3D Model based environment
  • How automation leads to faster regeneration of manufacturing documents, ensuring engineering and manufacturing are on the same page at the same time

Tune in to discover how you can save time and money by Going Paperless !

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Details of Webinar
Date: Sep 2nd, 2014
Time: 11:00 AM CST
Featured Speakers
Geometric_linearAshish Deshmukh
Director at Geometric Ltd

AnarkChris Garcia
Executive VP at Anark Corporation


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