Realize Live 2023

Adopt Digital Transformation through Design for Manufacturing Software for NX™

Realize LIVE is a flagship event of Siemens Software which is a single place for partners, Siemens experts and customers to all come together and really talk about a similar interest in digital transformation.

HCL Software is pleased to participate at Realize LIVE 2023, wherein you will have an opportunity to experience live demonstrations of DFMPro for NX™, a best practice driven design for manufacturing software fully integrated within Siemens NX™ that identifies and evaluates designs for downstream manufacturability, assembly, quality, serviceability, (DFx) related issues, upfront and reduce unnecessary rework and engineering changes.

HCL DFMPRo at Realize LIVE Europe 2023

Experience live demo of DFMPro for NX™ and learn how an easy to use integrated solution identifies potential downstream manufacturing issues early in design stage and achieves 10-12% reduction in manufacturing costs.

 July 10-12, 2023

 Booth #4, Munich, Germany

Fully-Integrated DFM Software directly inside of Siemens NX™ Interface

With DFMPro for NX™:

  • Pre-empt and address costly design mistakes causing downstream issues in manufacturing and assembly early
  • Automate and formalize the design review process for manufacturability using best-practice knowledge and guidelines provided by DFMPro
  • Perform manufacturability analysis for common manufacturing processes within NX™ interface

Benefits of using DFMPro:

  • Achieving a 6-12% reduction in engineering rework and 10-12% reduction in manufacturing costs
  • Improving time to market by accelerating product development
  • Improving product quality, thus preventing device recalls
  • Transforming digitally by using DFMPro, which works as ‘Digital Design Expert’
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