Aerospace and Defense Summit 2023

At Aerospace and Defense Summit 2023, hear first-hand strategies to optimize Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Technology initiatives.

Join the discussion with over 150 of your fellow aerospace & defense leaders to delve into strategies to optimize supply chain, manufacturing, engineering and technology initiatives in the American Aerospace & Defense industry. The event will focus on how to drive innovation in a competitive landscape, maximize supplier relationships, mitigate costs, assess operational standards, identify growth opportunities and build quality throughout the operations.

HCL DFMPro is proud to be a gold sponsor for Aerospace and Defense Summit 2023 showcasing some of its transformation projects that helped leading A&D companies to achieve 20% reduction in engineering rework and 12% reduction in manufacturing costs.

Many leading A&D organizations are looking at MBE (Model-based Enterprise) approach to accelerate the adoption of digital transformation. For the product design areas, companies are increasingly adopting a DFx (Design for Excellence) strategy.

HCL DFMPro is a proven DFx solution that enables digital transformation and MBE by automating the validation of 3D CAD designs, ensuring they meet standards and requirements for the final products

Come visit HCL DFMPro at booth #13 in the American Aerospace and Defense Summit 2023. Schedule an appointment now.

Aerospace and Defense Summit 2023

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