AeroDef 2019

AeroDef Manufacturing® is an aerospace manufacturing and defense manufacturing conference and trade show for the aerospace and defense manufacturing industry. 

In an era of constant change and transformation, A&D organizations are more focused than ever on incremental innovation and cost reduction as a way to gain competitive edge and drive profitable growth. Faster and Smarter Innovation is now the mantra for organizations who best respond to these challenges through more efficient R&D investment, better design and manufacturing collaboration and increasing visibility into the complex value chain of suppliers.A&D companies are more focused to use better designs that are easily manufacturable and thus offers high productivity.  

Also, Additive Manufacturing has gained considerable traction in the aerospace and defense sector and is likely to find more application opportunities in the future. Additive Manufacturing becomes an important asset as it facilitates manufacturing of complex aerospace parts that were previously difficult to conceptualize. The aerospace and defense sector shows massive interest in additive manufacturing and aims to leverage the technology to create value across all its sub-sectors in near future.

Join us at AeroDef 2019, booth # 1910, where we unveil our DFMPro solution that enables manufacturing companies to substantially reduce rework, product cost and the time to market in A & D industry.

Solution Showcase:


HCL provides best-practice driven design for excellence software DFMPro, which enables design engineers to make informed design decisions and identify and address downstream manufacturability, assembly, quality and serviceability (DFx) related issues during early design stage. DFMPro helps to capture and disseminate the industry best-practices and knowledge in form of DFx guidelines and brings in standardization across the organization.

CAMWorks Additive Manufacturing – First Intelligent Additive & Subtractive Manufacturing Solution Available for SOLIDWORKS

CAMWorks® Additive Manufacturing is the first hybrid (additive and subtractive) manufacturing solution available for SOLIDWORKS®. Additive metal manufacturing (3D printing) is here and CAMWorks is the first to combine cutting edge additive manufacturing, including automatic support structure generation, with the state-of-the-art intelligent subtractive CNC machining capabilities of CAMWorks.

CAMWorks Additive Manufacturing uses the 3D printed part as stock, machines the faces where the support structures are attached, and recognizes machinable features… all automatically!

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