Design for manufacturability: How Alcon saves time and cost with Creo and DFMPro


Designing for Manufacturability: How Alcon saves time and reduces cost with Creo and DFMPro

Alcon, a pioneering medical manufacturer of eye care components, shared their experience on using the DFMPro and Creo and how they have achieved early visibility into the manufacturability and could save time to market and reduce the product cost. 

This visibility helped Alcon capture knowledge, collaborate, and ensure the right quality for their products.

View this webinar to learn how to take ‘design for manufacturability’ into consideration earlier in the design process so you can make better design decisions.

Below are some of the key points discussed in the webinar :

  • Learn how to catch problems earlier
  • Reduce rework in design and in prototyping
  • Capture organizational best practices
  • Improve collaboration between design, manufacturing and suppliers

Download and view the webinar to learn more!

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