DFX Analytics upgrade for security fixes

DFX Analytics is an optional but important component of an enterprise DFMPro deployment. Deploying DFX Analytics and visualizing the data, trends and patterns helps our customers understand the benefits that DFMPro provides. You can read more about DFX Analytics

DFX Analytics involves installations of a database and web server. It involves communication between DFMPro client add-ons in CAD platforms and the database as well as the web server and the database. This communication happens across the organization’s intranet and across the internet through VPN in case of global deployments. Hence it is important for organizations to keep the associated software up to date with the latest versions and security fixes.

All DFMPro customers using DFX Analytics must install v2.5.0.7740 and above. Please contact in case you need any assistance in this upgrade.

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