Special Considerations in Designing Medical Products 


Special Considerations in Designing Medical Products 

In today’s highly competitive market, engineers and designers must create robust products that meet and exceed the end-user requirements. Additionally, the products need to be cost-effective and be developed in the shortest possible time. Injection molded plastic parts are a crucial component for the success or failure of a typical product. While most products are subject to the conventional rigor of IEC, RoHS, ISO, and other product-specific regulatory requirements, medical products are additionally subject to complex, time-sensitive FDA approvals and different critical medical industry-specific standards. Therefore, they must be designed with no mistakes at the design stage. HCL DFMPro helps the engineer at the design stage, preventing issues that may cause manufacturing or operational problems down the line, causing delays in the product release.

This whitepaper looks at the key considerations when designing injection-molded medical devices. It also looks at how HCL DFMPro helps reduce costs and shorten the time to market right at the initial design stage.

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