Incorporating Value Engineering Right at the beginning of Design Cycle

The total cost of a product comprises of normal costs, avoidable costs and opportunity costs.

It is important that while developing products, value engineering be incorporated from the initial design using a holistic approach.

Material, design, tooling and processing are as important as the four wheels of a high performance of a car. Use of simulation tools play an important role as well.

This paper also throws light on DFMPro – a design assistant solution. DFMPro provides a rule-based approach to information on direct and indirect aspects of design performance and cost.

 DFMPro is a CAD-integrated design for manufacturing software that helps identify and correct downstream issues early in the design stage, leading to reduction of cycle time and, in turn, high-quality products with lower product development and final costs.

The paper also provides an understanding of the DFX and Cost views.  

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