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What’s new in DFMPro 4.0 for Creo Parametric

New DFMPro 4.0 comes with added support Creo Parametric 3.0 along with support for modules like tubing, sand casting and investment casting. Wall thickness is the critical element in achieving defect-free parts in sand casting and investment casting. The new release of DFMPro helps to define the wall thickness requirements as rules which can be easily specified for individual as well as a set of components.

DFMPro is a powerful CAD integrated Design for Manufacturing & Assembly solution, which facilitates upstream manufacturability validation and identification of areas of a design that are difficult, expensive or impossible to manufacture. With the new version of DFMPro 4.0, Creo Parametric users can have much greater flexibility to design products for multiple processes, including additive manufacturing, tubing and sand casting and significantly reduce engineering change orders (ECOs) by getting their designs right the first time.

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