Increasing value of Design for Manufacturing in Post-COVID World -


Increasing Value of Design for Manufacturing in Post-COVID World

The global pandemic exposed vulnerabilities both in the process of preparing a product for manufacturing and the global supply chains that support Aerospace and Defense manufacturers. Organizations need to rethink their processes and realign their supply base to counter vulnerabilities the pandemic exposed, as well as to improve efficiency in product development.

SME hosted the webinar on the topic ‘Increasing value of Design for Manufacturing in the post-COVID world’

During webinar, SME presented the key results from the survey it conducted on ‘the impact of Covid 19 on manufacturing industry’ on more than 700 manufacturing professionals to understand how their companies will begin to recover past COVID 19.

Webinar includes live survey and its results as well.

Webinar elaborates on key points like what are the various Operational challenges for A&D industries due to COVID, 3 Key imperatives for design engineers in A&D organizations etc.

Download the free recording of this webinar and get access to insights of the survey conducted by SME.




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