Design for Six Sigma

To design and manufacture today’s complex plastic components, product designers are under tremendous pressure to produce robust designs at a minimum cost and in the fastest possible time. Leading author David Wright wrote in his book titled “Failure of Plastics and Rubber Products” that design issues account for almost 20% of product failures. The fact is that many errors that manifest themselves as material, tooling or processing can also be attributed to design issues. Conventional plastic flow simulation does not necessarily help diagnose and avoid common design issues.

During the webinar, presenters will discuss the Design for Six Sigma philosophy and best practices and tools for its incorporation into new plastic product development.

View the webinar to learn below:

  • Understand DFSS concept and popular methodologies such as DMAIC and DMADV
  • Learn how to use DFSS Methodology in early part of plastic product design lifecycle
  • Applying DFSS techniques and tools such as DFMPro for successful DFSS implementation

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