Dealing with Manufacturing-Skill Gaps -


Dealing with Manufacturing-Skill Gaps

There is currently a skills gap affecting the manufacturing industry. The result has been manufacturers that are facing difficulties filling open positions due to a lack of qualified and skilled applicants. Many analysts, predict that over the next decade, more than 2 million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled across the U.S. Workers just don’t have the skill set it takes to operate in today’s high technology manufacturing workplace.

Knowledge capture and reuse will be key as many mechanical industries are poised to (or already have) slashed workforces. Especially, high paying jobs like designers may be impacted due to market slowdown. Ensuring that there are mechanisms in place to capture the knowledge and expertise in such crisis will be key for effective business continuity.

The webinar will showcase HCL’s DFX platform using Knowledge Based Rules to relieve downstream bottlenecks.

Below are key topics of this expert-led webinar:

  1. Manufacturing Skills Gap Refortification
      • Solving customer pain points – relieving pain with main drivers to reduce product costs
  2. Manufacturing for the Next Generation (with upfront DFM)
  3. How to move forward to make a difference using one of the best tools
      • Design Analysis in all major CAD platforms

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