A Comprehensive Design Review Process From Concept to Production

Most will agree that the process of mechanical design review that exists in organizations today is far from being fully efficient. The lack of a formal set of specific requirements at each stage of design often results in time consuming and chaotic reviews, which in turn leads to fewer actionable suggestions to be incorporated by the designer.

Moreover, scenarios where the review process is hijacked with an intent of discussing trivial details (which otherwise can be discussed off line) is considered usual. Adding to the list of inefficiency, resource simulation tools for melt flow simulation and structural analysis are often employed on fundamentally flawed or premature designs, resulting in wastage of precious resources.

A planned approach and a well thought-through set of deliverables at each stage can ensure a focused, efficient and fast review process, making it a true Poka Yoke tool which would prevent design deficiencies from being carried to the next phase of design.

This webinar will describe the stages. It will be restricted to molded plastic parts – which in most instances are complex for a typical product.

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