DFMPro SME Webinar

The Increasing Value of Design for Manufacturing in the Post-COVID World

The global pandemic exposed vulnerabilities both in the process of preparing a product for manufacturing and the global supply chains that support Aerospace and Defense manufacturers. Organizations need to rethink their processes and realign their supply base to counter vulnerabilities the pandemic exposed, as well as to improve efficiency in product development. 

This webinar will provide an overview of the changing needs in creating A&D product designs optimized to meet mission and manufacturing requirements, including:
  • State of the A&D industry – increased spending, growing worldwide tensions
  • Insights into evolution of tools for Design for Manufacturing
  • A review of the standard design-and-release process as of 2020
  • Issues with today’s process, before and after the Pandemic
  • Process speed, avoiding unnecessary prototyping
  • Knowledge capture and reuse – DFMPro acting as a digital assistant for new employees
  • Virtual collaboration between design, manufacturing and suppliers


Theme – Increasing value of Design for Manufacturing in the post COVID world

Date: 22nd July 2020

Time: 2.30 PM BST – 3.30 PM BST

About Presenter
Nambi Chandrasekaran,
Head Products and Technologies,
HCL Technologies Ltd

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