Design for Manufacturing: A Critical Digital Transformation Element

Digital transformation is a significant trend in manufacturing companies and requires new automated ways to leverage digitalized information. While technology is available for implementing a model-based enterprise (MBE) strategy, most companies still use drawings and various siloed repositories as their sources of truth, thus breaking the digital thread. HCL DFMPro is a proven DFM (Design for Manufacturing) solution that enables digital transformation and MBE by automating the validation of 3D CAD designs, ensuring global manufacturing meets their requirements.

Date & Time: Thursday, 24th Feb, 2022, 8:30 AM PST

In this webinar, you will learn –

  • How Whirlpool is leveraging HCL DFMPro for accelerating digital transformation
  • CIMData analyst view of Digital Transformation trend across manufacturing companies
  • How global companies are leveraging technologies in Model Base Engineering/Design to avoid the breaking of digital threads
  • How to reduce product design rework by 20%, manufacturing cost by 12%, and time to market by 10%


                 Prashant Ruperee,                              Senior Engineering Manager,       Whirlpool Corporation

                         Tom Gill,                                 Senior Consultant, CIMdata

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