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DFM Evaluation

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Design for Manufacturability-FREE DFM Evaluation

We all know that unexpected rework due to downstream manufacturability and assembly problems is one of the biggest challenges in improving time-to-market of any product and you feel this impact most, when engineering changes originate in later stages of life-cycle as they can have exponentially higher impact on time-to-market and cost. Whether it’s incorrect tolerance, non-uniform wall thickness, or choice of exotic material, a lot of design and manufacturing engineering decisions made during the design stage can lead to expensive and time consuming design changes and rework. Many of these mistakes are caused by absence of a mechanism for the design engineers to recognize downstream issues early in the design cycle. Regardless of your situation, you’ll need to identify and fix these issues at the design stage itself.

A design for manufacturing solution like DFMPro can help reduce or eliminate these engineering changes in an intuitive and easy-to-use way. DFMPro establishes a framework that provides numerous built-in checks to validate and identify areas of designs which are difficult, expensive or impossible to manufacture, assemble and service. Free DFM evaluation web service allows you to analyze your designs for manufacturability in 3 easy steps. Simply submit CAD files to our website and receive back an in-depth DFM report on your designs

To take advantage of this free analysis, fill in the form below and submit your CAD files to our DFMPro server. We will send the report to your email in 5 business days (See sample report)

STEP 1. Fill in the form and upload your CAD files

STEP 2: Choose the process to be analyzed

STEP 3: Get a free DFMPro report in your email in 2 Business Days


Free DFMPro Analysis

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