FAQs about DFMPro Customization

Q: What is “DFMPro Customization”?

A: In addition to the existing capabilities of DFMPro, “DFMPro Customization” provides the necessary interface which enables its customization to capture the organization’s DFM practices.

As an off-the-shelf product, DFMPro aims to assist organizations in locking down the best practices in Design for Manufacturability, which are commonly followed across the industry.. However, it is quite common for businesses to pursue a solution that engages their established best practices based on their own proprietary experience and history.

DFMPro Customization provides the necessary framework and a set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that enable the user to program their proprietary rules to run seamlessly and integrate with the organization’s workflow.

Q: How can a user benefit from “DFMPro Customization”?
A: With “DFMPro Customization” a user can

  • Program and integrate proprietary or organization specific rules.Integrate other stand-alone analysis engines that the organization may have, with DFMPro Custom.Integrate with the organization’s own databases or PDM system.
    • While programming the rules he or she can leverage powerful manufacturability analysis engine (using the patented Feature Recognition technology from Geometric) which is an integral part of DFMPro.
  • Integrate with the organization’s workflow.

Q: Can Geometric help us with customization?
A: Yes, we at Geometric will be happy to help you create a custom solution proprietary for your organization.
Our experts can assist you in:

  • Locking your best practices into programmable rules.
  • Programming the rules and integrate with DFMPro Customization.
  • Writing connectors wherever necessary to integrate DFMPro Customization with your organization’s workflow.

Q: Do I need “DFMPro Customization” license for development of custom rules or for use of custom rules?
A: “DFMPro Customization” license is required to load and use customized rules. Development of customized rule modules and its compilation can be done without any license. However in order to load these custom modules and run them as part of DFMPro, a user needs to have DFMPro Customization license.

Q: If I have 10 seats of DFMPro, how many licenses of “DFMPro Customization” are required to enable customized rules on all the seats?
A: To enable customized rules to run on all DFMPro seats, you will need exactly the same number of DFMPro Customization licenses as DFMPro licenses. For example, if you have 10 DFMPro licenses, then you will need 10 DFMPro Customization licenses to be able to use customized rules on all the seats of DFMPro. If the number of DFMPro Customization licenses is 6, then only 6 seats of DFMPro will be able to run customized rules and other 4 seats will continue to run on the out-of-the-box rules.
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