DFMPro Gallery

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DFMPro Analysis outputDFMPro Configuration Interface
DFMPro® Analysis OutputDFMPro® Configuration InterfaceDFMPro® Configuration Interface

Sharp internal corners are
difficult to machine
DFMPro points out regions that are
not easily accessible for the cutting tool
DFMPro points out areas that are
expensive & recommends an alternative

Adequate clearance for the cutting tool
Sheet Metal – Fabrication DFMPro
points out holes that are close to bends
DFMPro points out holes
that are close to edge

Tolerance Specifications
DFMPro identifies stringent tolerances that influence the cost of manufacturing. Designer can have a re-look at those so that they are specified no tighter than necessary for the functional requirement.
Injection Molding
DFMPro for Pro/Engineer identifies
cut out areas which could lead to
creation of weak section.
DFMPro for Pro/Engineer
highlighting clearance between
fastener and supporting base.


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