Plastic Part Design Guidelines – Download the free eBook

Winning in today’s dynamic marketplace requires more than just creating innovative product designs. To succeed, companies must also focus on efficient manufacturing within budget and schedule targets. The discipline of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) intends to aid designers in doing just that.

Plastic part design is very complex process and it requires involvement of many factors like functional requirements, process constraints, material selection and assembly or structural issues. Wall thickness, Draft and Textures, Ribs & Bosses, Holes/Depressions, etc. are some of the important elements to be considered in design of plastic parts.

When designing your parts for injection molding, the more attention you pay to wall thickness, the more likely you’ll be able to create a successful design. Parts having uniform wall thickness also simplify the manufacturing process and reduce overall cost.

Adhering to these basic design guidelines for injection molded parts can improve the moldability of the designs and the life of the mold, increase the operational life of the part and reduce manufacturing cost.

Download this free ebook and you can learn about many plastic part design best practices and DFM guidelines

Plastic Design Guidebook

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