Drive digital transformation with ‘Design for Manufacturing’ strategy

Digital twin realization through digital thread forms the core of the transformation initiatives global manufacturers are deploying, to enable a business infrastructure helping drive new business models and improvements in traditional areas. Adopting Design for Manufacturing strategy is a proven and streamlined method that accelerates digital transformation with measurable results. 

Visit us at Realize Live, booth #103, May 9-12, 2022, at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and learn how some of the leading companies are:

  • Achieving a 6-12% reduction in engineering rework and 10-12% reduction in manufacturing costs
  • Improving time to market by accelerating product development
  • Improving product quality, thus preventing device recalls
  • Transforming digitally by using DFMPro, which woks as “Digital Manufacturing Expert”

HCL DFMPro is a design for manufacturability solution, fully integrated inside Siemens NX that provides process-driven solution to shift product and manufacturing decisions early in the lifecycle to validate during the design stage.


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Digital Transformation in Product Design and Manufacturing

Shoreline Exhibition Hall, Innovation Stage

The use of the latest technology in Product Design and Manufacturing functions enables enterprises worldwide to realize the benefits of digital transformation. Global manufacturing companies are leveraging automation in the product design space using DFM methodology, ensuring the design is ready for manufacturing, thus accelerating digital transformation. Fully integrated CAD/CAM offers unparalleled benefits for manufacturing engineers and CNC programmers. The true power of a digital twin can be realized when the CAD and CAM models or twins become the same. Associative manufacturing using the CAD model/design twin and automation of the CNC programming process promotes standardization, increases production, and improves quality. Automating the design reviews, getting the right design the first time, and advanced integrated CAD/CAM, are critical factors for accelerating digital transformation in manufacturing companies.


Marc Bissel
Senior Application Specialist, HCL
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