Drive digital transformation with ‘Design for Manufacturing’ strategy

Medical devices manufacturing is becoming more advanced with the use of software and latest technologies. This results into design validation becoming more challenging and requires more collaboration between design and manufacturing teams. With 30-50% of product development time spent on rework, expensive engineering changes introduced at later stages of product life cycle are leading to delayed product launch and cost over-runs.

Adopting the Design for Manufacturing strategy is a proven and streamlined method that accelerates digital transformation—measurable results. 

Visit us at MD&M West 2022 booth #3415, April 12-14, 2022, at the Anaheim Convention Center, CA and learn how leading manufacturing companies are:

  • Achieving a 6-12% reduction in engineering rework and 10-12% reduction in manufacturing costs
  • Improving time to market by accelerating product development
  • Improving product quality, thus preventing device recalls
  • Transforming digitally by using DFMPro, which works as “Digital Manufacturing Expert”

HCL DFMPro is a design for manufacturability solution that provides medical device manufacturers a process-driven solution to shift product and manufacturing decisions early in the lifecycle to validate during the design stage.

To learn more about DFMPro:

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