Hear from us at DFM Summit 2017

Design for manufacturing is a growing concern especially in industries like high-tech, medical devices, A&D where supply chains are becoming more complex with suppliers and contract manufacturing while there is pressure to control product costs. As market demand for innovative products with advanced features in continuously increasing, companies must continuously design, manufacture, and deliver new products to stand out against a growing field of competition and also overcome the challenges of rapid obsolescence. With a dynamic environment of shorter lifecycles, complex designs and intense competition being the order of the day, the way of the future is to get Faster, Smarter and Leaner.

A design for manufacturing solution like DFMPro enables engineering executives to make better design decisions and get increasingly complex products to market faster and reduce delays and costs across their manufacturing supply chain.

Join us at the #20 DFM Summit in New York on 30 March 2017. Hear from us to learn more about improving engineering efficiency and gain insight into HCL’s solution for Enabling Faster and Smarter Engineering with “First Time Right Design”. 

About Presenter

Nikhil Dalvi

Nikhil Dalvi is Products Director at Geometric with expertise in DFM and DFX products at Geometric Americas Inc. an HCL Technologies company. With diverse experience in manufacturing, development, and project management, Nikhil provides consultative solutions for customers in the U.S. around HCL suite of technologies and products addressing the design and manufacturing space.


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