DFX INSIGHTS 2021, a fourth annual user conference, is being hosted by HCL America, to share best practices and foster a deeper understanding of the Design for Excellence (DFX) approach which will lead to business success.

The event will be spread across 3 days and the event would be in online mode due to COVID 19 crisis. During the event we will see industry leaders, analysts, recognized experts and DFM field share their expertise with the attendees. Learn how the DFX solution from HCL can help you reduce ECOs, save on rework cost and improve time to market.

Peer to Peer Learning
Get practical tips from “Power Users” And learn how your peers are getting full benefits out of the DFX solution

Networking Opportunities
Make valuable connections with industry visionaries, analysts, product design leaders and trainers

Learn DFX Best Practices
Learn DFX Implementation tips and best practices for deriving maximum benefits out of your DFX initiatives

Design For eXcellence Focus : A Holistic Strategy to Improve Design Quality, Reduce Costs and Shorten Time to Market

Excellence in product design is more than just innovation. Successful designs are often distinguished based on multiple fronts – manufacturability, quality, cost, and time to market. A product design that has not considered the downstream requirements poses a significant risk to business and overall time to market and costs. Addressing designs for manufacturability and assembly requirements is essential to meet program schedules, achieving high quality, reducing errors and rework, and controlling manufacturing costs. Only that design can be called a success which takes a holistic approach considering all the above factors.



Why You Should Attend ?

  • Networking with Leading Product Design Experts
  • Discussions (Including Plenary Sessions) on Hot Topics in Design and Manufacturing
  • Gain Valuable Insights by though Round Table Discussion with Industry Experts
  • Networking opportunity with industry stalwarts
  • Insightful Case Studies on Customer Implementation Success Stories and Best Practices
DFX INSIGHTS 21 Attendee
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