AeroDef Manufacturing® is an aerospace manufacturing and defense manufacturing conference and trade show for the aerospace and defense manufacturing industry. AeroDef showcases the industry’s most advanced technologies across an innovative floor plan designed to facilitate interaction and business relationships between exhibitors and buyers looking for integrated solutions.

Learn how leading A&D companies are leveraging HCL DFMPro

  • Achieve a 6-12% reduction in engineering rework and 10-12% reduction in manufacturing costs
  • Improve program performance by accelerating product development
  • Implement Model Based Definition (MBD) for cost reduction and reducing time to market
  • Avoid breaking the digital thread in Design to Manufacturing space to accelerate Digital Transformation

HCL DFMPro is a design for manufacturability solution that provides defense and aerospace OEMs and suppliers a process-driven solution to shift product and manufacturing decisions early in the lifecycle to validate during the design stage.

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