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Design for Manufacturability Solution for Defense Manufacturers

Defense manufacturers often face delays in delivering products because of the late discovery of manufacturing and quality issues. New production technologies and a growing number of variants drive additional program complexities. This puts significant pressure on the company’s financial performance and on their reputation for delivering on-time programs.

Post-COVID era, common challenges in the defense industry are an increasing time to market, widening skill gaps, the need for digitization, reducing complex component costs, and so on.

DFMPro is a design for manufacturability solution that provides defense and aerospace OEMs and suppliers a process-driven solution to shift product and manufacturing decisions early in the lifecycle to validate during the design stage, the manufacturing feasibility of designs.

DFMPro helps improve program performance, reduce cost and improve collaboration

DFMPro improves program performance and time to market

  • DFMPro improves the initial design and manufacturing processes, thus reducing post-release changes resulting in on-time delivery and gains new programs and profits.
  • Ensures a smooth transition from development to production by ensuring that the product definition has taken into consideration the manufacturing capabilities of them and their suppliers, thus reducing the number of changes.

Digital transformation with DFMPro as a ‘Digital Manufacturing Assistant’

  • DFMPro enables seamless virtual collaboration between design groups and manufacturing (in-house or global suppliers) for uninterrupted product development even during major shutdowns.
  • Eliminates delays in getting the right feedback- DFMPro assists with an effective review mechanism enabling clear and concise messaging that aids corrective decisions for faster product release.

Skills the workforce digitally

  • Captures and re-uses best practices & tribal knowledge for continuous improvement. Come to speed in tribal knowledge quicker.
  • DFMPro is also easily extensible where new rules can be created to solve manufacturability issues that are specific to shop-floor tribal knowledge and can identify such issues at design time. Digital knowledge capture and reporting of issues is the critical differentiator of DFMPro as a viable must-have for designers.

Reduces cost

  • Identifies optimum design alternatives at an early stage helps to reduce the cost of the product.
  • Avoids late engineering changes(ECs) and rework.
  • Successfully takes advantage of new materials and technologies to reduce cost and meet customer delivery requirements.


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