CIMdata Commentary

HCL DFMPro: A Critical Digital Transformation Element

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CIMdata Commentary Highlights

  • Digital transformation is a significant trend within manufacturing companies and requires new more automated ways of working that leverage digitalized information.
  • While technology is available to transform to a model-based enterprise (MBE) strategy by leveraging implicit and explicit knowledge stored in 3D CAD models, most companies still use drawings and a variety of siloed repositories as their sources of truth thus breaking the digital thread.
  • By employing a Design for X (DFx) strategy within a MBE, companies can evaluate, verify, and validate designs by leveraging the knowledge embedded in 3D CAD models. This not only accelerates the digital transformation process but also speeds up enterprise processes such as purchasing, manufacturing, assembly, and service, improving operations before products are produced.
  • HCL DFMPro is a proven DFx solution that enables digital transformation and MBE by automating the validation of 3D CAD designs ensuring they meet necessary requirements.
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