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HCL DFMPro: A Critical Digital
Transformation Element

Early Visibility into Cost & Manufacturability

DFMPro, a best practice driven design for manufacturing software, enables engineering executives to make informed design decisions by identifying and addressing downstream manufacturability, assembly, quality, serviceability, (DFx) related issues upfront and reducing unnecessary rework and engineering changes.

DFMPro along with manufacturability validation also provides insights into what drives the cost. DFMPro cost add-on provides early cost visibility to design engineers right from when designs are getting created. It goes to depth of each feature for selected manufacturing process and provides an opportunity to optimize the design. The intuitive feedback from DFMPro helps design engineers to focus on top factors that drives the cost and evaluate various alternatives quickly

Reduce Product

  • Reduce rework cost
  • Avoid costly design mistakes
  • Reduce avoidable costs resulting for expensive design features

Improve Design Quality

  • Identifying optimum design alternatives at early stage
  • Prevent Quality/Warranty issues as reported by customers
  • Preempt Manufacturing issues as reported by suppliers

Improve Time-to-Market

  • Reduce design to manufacturing iterations potentially reducing time to market
  • Faster design validation process
  • Avoid late stage change requests referring to best practices and learnings from past

CAD Integrated Design for Manufacturing Software


DFMPro is well integrated within CAD platforms like Creo ParametricTM (formerly Pro/E), SOLIDWORKS® and NXTM which ensures that users are able to identify and rectify DFM checks within their own CAD platform.

Video Library

HOW DFMPro Helped Vestas in
Improving Design Quality


DFMPro for Creo Demonstration

DFMPro Delivers Results

“Geometric DFX® solution helped us to improve productivity by almost 12% and helped us to identify quality issues earlier right during the design phase.”

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