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Reduce rework and improve productivity with upfront design for manufacturing validation

Learn typical industry challenges in New Product Development, Geometric’s solutions for facilitating Design for eXcellence DFMPro for Creo Parametric Product demonstration benefits.

Understanding the critical aspects of plastic part design

Understand the in-depth design aspects of plastic products.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) guidelines every designer should follow

This webinar explains some important design for manufacturing guidelines for designing sheet metal parts. Also, it shows how you can easily automate and configure the DFM review process in your organization so that you don’t a miss a single design guideline while designing your product.

Upfront design for six sigma – A roadmap for success

Know DFSS concept and popular methodologies such as DMAIC and DMADV, learn how to use DFSS Methodology as early in the design lifecycle as possible, and how to apply DFSS techniques and tools such as DFMPro for successful DFSS implementation.

Reduce costly design mistakes through an automated approach to DFx

Understanding common causes of waste and economic impact of the same, Identifying gaps in existing design validation processes, How an automated framework can help reduce the waste and provide a framework for knowledge capture are some of the key points discussed in this webinar. 

Injection molding design – solving the jigsaw puzzle of manufacturability, cost, time and product performance

Webinar discusses how you can achieve the right balance and fit all the pieces – manufacturability, cost, time and performance – of the design jigsaw.

Essentials for new age design and manufacturing leaders – DFM & DFA 

Know the concepts of DFM/A – Design for Manufacturing (manufacturability) and Assembly and how to implement it within your organization.

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