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A comprehensive design review process – from concept to production

A planned approach and a well thought-through set of deliverables at each stage can ensure a focused, efficient and fast review process, making it a true Poka Yoke tool which would prevent design deficiencies from being carried to the next phase of design. This webinar will describe the stages. This discussion will be restricted to molded plastic parts – which in most instances are complex for a typical product.

Cimdata webinar- design for excellence (DFx) approach for effective product realization 

Learn Macro trends in product realization, benefits of globally adopting a DFx approach and our DFx approach and solution.

Affordable innovation in the high-tech industry with upfront design for manufacturing (DFM)

Webinar describes how DFMPro can foster more cost-effective innovation by capturing your supplier knowledge and using it to enable designers to take intelligent decisions during early design stages.

Holistic approach to robust plastic product design

During the webinar, key speaker Vikram Bhargava, explains a holistic approach for plastic part design. The webinar will also be interspersed with his insights to the role of Six Sigma in improving the entire process. A brief demonstration of automated design validation tool DFMPro will be demonstrated that can help avoid basic design errors from proceeding to the simulation or manufacturing stage.

Plastic part design and process capability – how and why are they related

Suhas Kulkarni, the author of the bestselling book ‘Robust Process Development and Scientific Molding’, covers the basics of injection molding and how to develop a robust process and whys of the process.

DFM considerations during design: perspective change from reactive to proactive 

Learn from Honeywell Aerospace on how a proactive approach to Design for Manufacturing will help reduce manufacturing cost and improve time to market.

Build great designs with DFMPro for Creo parametric

Learn different features of DFMPro for Creo Parametric.

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